1. He brought his neo-keynesian view. Meanwhile, this book has a recommendation from Alan Greenspan, IMHO one of the main architect of 2008 global financial crisis.

2. Cambridge graduate. The same almamater as Keynes (although Keynes graduated from mathematics and became senior wrangler while El-Erian graduated from economics)

3. He explained the new emerging markets such as Spore and Hong Kong

4. He stated that Peter Bernstein’s Capital Ideas Revolving is one of El-Erian’s main influence regarding finishing the book. Unfortunately I have one and I have read it wkwk. Bernstein came up with the second part of the book (Part II : The Theoreticians) and summoned some well-known figure such as Robert Merton (Nobel Prize Economics 1995), Myron Scholes (Nobel Prize Economics 1995), and Andrew Lo (Professor of Financial Engineering @ MIT Sloan).

5. When Markets Collide published in 2008 and Capital Ideas Revolving published in 2007. But I found those two available in Indonesia book store around 2015.

Well, may God bless me consuming those books while RCT (Root Canal Therapy) and pre-bronchitis treatments are on going.

Reading When Markets Collide: Investment Strategies for the Age of Global Economic Change by Mohamed El-Erian

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